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Take a Ride to Hong Kong

        TAKE A RIDE TO HONG KONG, is a Hong Kong blog for the foreign tourists, but it might serve just as well for the HK locals who like to escape for a day or a few hours from the hustle and bustle of city life. Some of the places highlighted in this blog are well-known tourist spots close to the city center and some are out of the urban areas, off in the country side. The directions on how to get to these destinations are straightforward and easy to follow; appropriate and helpful links are provided.

        In some entries, the three native bloggers tell a bit of HK's annual festivals, scheduled exhibits, customs, history, cultural heritage, etc. The blog also has a message board where you can ask question and exchange message with the bloggers or other readers.

        TAKE A RIDE TO HONG KONG is packed with suggestions of enjoyable places where a reader can spend an exciting or relaxing day, either inside a commercial area of the city or outside of its concrete jungle to somewhere greener.

        This blog is a delightful and informative read. The bloggers are upbeat, helpful, and knowledgeable. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends TAKE A RIDE TO HONG KONG, especially for the would-be tourists.

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