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Only Change is Forever    - by Joel Chung

          By reading this blog, the readers can see the blogger is a friendly, westernized Hong Kong native with good and amiable intentions. A prolific blogger, he is reflective and philosophical. In his blog, he mostly writes about his infant son, the happenings in his personal life, and subjects that pop into his mind. He uses words such as "folks" for referring to people, "dime" for money, and "cos" for because. But given the fact that he has spent some time in the US, his propensity for using those words and other American lingo is understandable.

        Judging by the small number of responses from its readers, with only about a dozen comments in over a year, this blog doesn't draw much attention from either the expats or the HK Chinese. Perhaps, the probable reason is that this blog is too "westernized" to connect with the general HK Chinese audience and too "Chinese-native" for the Westerners to relate to — this phenomenon is not rare; in Hong Kong, the lack of enthusiasm for this type of blogs is the rule rather than the exception.

        In our die-hard, unspoken colonial social code, the westernized HK Chinese have always been perceived as having a higher social status among the natives. Giving yourself a Western name is a way to let everyone know that you belong to a certain social class. This blog is akin to a local HK Chinese, who is well-versed in the Western way, with Chinese friends who have names which are difficult for this reviewer to pronounce correctly — names like Joel, Samuel, Jacob, and so forth — having a Western-style party where everyone, including the HK Chinese, speaks English, but the people who can pronounce those names perfectly never show up to socialize.

        Although this blog, ONLY CHANGE IS FOREVER, is not exactly a place where HK Chinese and Westerners mingle, as the blogger undoubtedly intended, but it is a good source for a list of some outstanding HK blogs in Chinese. By and large, the blogger has excellent taste for HK blogs. Some of the blogs in his blogroll are must-reads for those who are interested in HK blogs written in our native language. For that, you don't even have to be westernized to enjoy them.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends ONLY CHANGE IS FOREVER for the blogger's good intention and his friendly spirit. And the reviewer surmises, in time, perhaps two or three generations from now, the effect of colonialism on our collective psyche will fade, and this blogger's grandchildren or great grandchildren will see no need to give themselves a Western name in order to fit into a desirable social class.

        The reviewer sees nothing wrong with the name his dirt-poor parents gave him at birth. And he asks, why do we need two names anyway?

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