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Hong Kong Fashion Geek

          HONG KONG FASHION GEEK is synonymous with Hong Kong fashion. If there is one blog you go to for the Hong Kong's fashion scene, in the reviewer's opinion, HK FASHION GEEK has to be the one. The blog was started by Virginia (Fashion Geek), a public relations professional by day, and Christina (Shoe Geek), an editor for a luxury goods magazine. The two bring the best of the Hong Kong fashion world to their readers.

          Their blog is filled with information of what's hot and hip in the luxury side of HK fashion, and clues you in on insiders' warehouse sales and generous promotional giveaways from various fashion houses.

          The bloggers are geeks, of course. So you can be sure they will drop bits and bobs of geeky yet fashionable gadgets and gizmos along the way -- usually for your smart phones. The guest contributor for their blog, "HK Lifestyle Geek", focuses on lifestyle trends and reviewing posh and high-end restaurants for the food lovers to jot down on their bucket list.

          Do subscribe to their newsletter. The subscribers will save money by buying from their list of seemingly endless fashion warehouse sales. You may never have to pay full price for luxury goods again!

          Disclaimer:  the blog reviewer, Gillian Chu, is also the arts contributor for HK FASHION GEEK, under the name of "HK Culture Geek".

Guest Reviewer:  Gillian Chu.

    You can visit her fashion blog, GILLIAN CHU, at:

Editing:  Karen Lau, our copy editor.

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