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Wan  Chai  Worm

      From the "About" section of this blog:

      "I want to claim Wan Chai as my neighbourhood. I want
to know where to go to eat well, where I can bring friends for
coffee, what changes are happening in the area and the hip places
to hang out whether you're 35 or 5.

      Thank you for joining me on my little adventures. I intend to
describe them in as much detail as I can so that you can plan
your adventures in Wan Chai.

      It's the best district in Hong Kong to live in. In this blog, I
will share the reasons for this in vivid detail."

      Wan Chai is a district of Hong Kong with a colorful past — to say it mildly. Through our colonial days, the district was considerably "racier" than its present much tamer reincarnation. The Blogger of this Hong Kong blog, WAN CHAI WORM, is now living in the family-oriented, clean version of this part of Hong Kong that once was a notorious "playground", "watering hole", and "red-light district" for rowdy male Westerners and unruly sailors sailing through this Far-East corner of the world.

      The writing in the blog is jovial and breezy; it mirrors the blogger's sunny disposition. She reveals virtually nothing about her background or personal life in WAN CHAI WORM. However, from the tone, spellings, and voice of the blogger's writing, it is apparent that the blog is by a perceptive and humorous expat lady of non-American origin — she spells donut as doughnut, neighborhood as neighbourhood, and calls stroller as pram, and so forth. She leaves fascinating clues about her in the lively pithy English she writes in. Her wonderful sense of humor is characteristically British — or very much European.

      Mainly due to the blogger's lighthearted writing style and the way her stories were told, WAN CHAI WORM is one of the most delightful blogs we have read. For those who are familiar with the district, the blogger's language evokes vividly the sights and sounds, and at times, even the scents of this bad-neighborhood-gone-good.

      We are elated to see the lewd sailors along with the seedy are now largely gone and to find residents like the blogger and others have vitalized the neighborhood and claimed it as their own. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends WAN CHAI WORM highly.

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