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Style Is an Inspiration of ...

          This Hong Kong blog is by a quintessential Westernized HK young lady, Veronica Li.  In her blog, she doesn't merely write about fashion. Beside updating the latest fashion news in HK and elsewhere, Veronica also advises her readers on the latest styling trends; what is hot; what to wear or not to wear for a variety of occasions, settings, and body types and so forth.

          The blogger is bubbly and enthusiastic about her beloved subject -- fashion. This blog, STYLE IS AN INSPIRATION OF PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, is well-written; it has universal appeal. Undoubtedly, many items in this blog are hot topics that its fashion-blog-reading audience anywhere can relate to and resonate with. In this ever increasingly interconnected world we live in, fashion has become an international language for the trendy set.

          At places, this HK fashion blog retains certain unique HK characteristics, it charmingly adds on a colorful local flavor to the blog for her international readers. Veronica's cheery writing style and extraordinary sparkling personality makes this blog stand out in the crowd. The blog is a pleasurable read.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends STYLE IS AN INSPIRATION OF PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Go read Veronica's blog, follow her advice, you may turn out to be one of the most fashionable persons walking on the planet with style and pizazz.

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