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VanNoord  Adventures

    If there is a Norman Rockwell type of American family, we might have found one in this Hong Kong blog. The blog, VANNOORD ADVENTURES, is by an American couple living in Hong Kong with their two young children. The expat bloggers, Jack and Julie VanNoord, are teachers in a Christian international school.

    Like many wholesome subjects of Norman Rockwell's famous iconic Americana paintings, the picture-perfect VanNoord family is from America's heartland, the Midwest of the United States. Out of hundreds of HK blogs we've read, VANNOORD ADVENTURES is one of the most notable, family-oriented expat blogs we've come across. This blog is the embodiment of all that is good in some of America's core values — a sense of fair play, respect for cultures different from your own, always seeing the positive side of people, treating everyone as equals, and so on.

    Mr. VanNoord has a good sense of humor and the writing in this blog puts Hong Kong and her people in the best possible light. Safe, modern, efficient, inhabited by industrious people, Hong Kong is a shining city by the South China Sea to the VanNoords. Through VANNOORD ADVENTURES, a chronicle of an American family's travels and their "adventures" in Hong Kong, the mainland, and some Asian countries, readers are presented a Christian heartland Americans' perspective and it is illuminating, thoroughly positive, and at the same time, heart-warming.

    Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends VANNOORD ADVENTURES.

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