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        In Hong Kong's blogosphere, some bloggers write in a form of English only a certain group of people could fully appreciate. Some use an ocean of words but say essentially nothing meaningful. And some write sparingly with an economy of words but say what is in their hearts and minds articulately.

        This blog, URBANPHOTO, is by a Canadian expat, Christopher DeWolf. Mr. DeWolf is a professional writer, he falls into one of the loosely defined categories above -- Mr. DeWolf says a lot with a few words.

        Hong Kong is only one of several metropolises Mr. DeWolf and his team of contributors write about. This review only pertains to the Hong Kong section of URBANPHOTO as the scope of Hong Kong Blogs Review is limited to blogs that concern Hong Kong. URBANPHOTO is a sort of urban living, urban lifestyle, urban photo, and all-things urban blog. Some of the photos in this blog are quite stunning, showing Hong Kong in various lights and moods and in her many splendors.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends the Hong Kong portion of URBANPHOTO. This blog is not one of those over-hyped, commercial "HK lifestyle" websites, usually portraying HK as one giant nightclub or a oversized shopping mall or a glitz adult Disneyland for the Westerners, even though Mr. DeWolf writes for one on occasion. The topics presented in this blog are well-researched; the blogger grasps his subject matter well. The blog is informative for those who like to know more about HK beyond what they can find in a commercial tourist brochure. Written in a light and lively prose, URBANPHOTO is both a compelling and delightful read.

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