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The Rock Mom - by Jennifer Deayton

      Culturally, stylistically, linguistically, and musically, this Hong Kong blog, THE ROCK MOM, is very much American. As you might guess it, the two main topics of this blog are rock music and motherhood. This American blogger, Jennifer Deayton, reviews the latest rock and country-western music scenes and writes about her expat life in Hong Kong as a working mom raising two young kids.

      The two subjects, rock music and parenting, certainly do not complement each other as well as hamburger and fries or won-ton and noodles. But, in Ms. Deayton's case, the two subjects have something in common to her — she loves and enjoys them both immensely. In her personal realm, the blogger's love for her children and rock music binds these two unrelated subjects together and makes them almost a natural fit.

      Ms. Deayton is an excellent writer. Her language flows with ease; her prose moves in a frisky American rhythm. THE ROCK MOM is more than about motherhood, rock music, and expat living. At times in a mocking tone and fast beats, among an array of topics, Ms. Deayton also delves into Asian and American cultures with thoughtfulness, reflections, and some subtle and not-so-subtle sharp humors.

      If you love either rock music or parenting, you will enjoy reading THE ROCK MOM. Or if you have neither kids nor ears for rock music, this blog has some other interesting stories for you to read as well. But if both rock music and parenting are your things, so to speak, you definitely should give this blog a try.

      This mom's Hong Kong blog rocks. Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends THE ROCK MOM.

  李 香 蘭
  李 香 蘭
 Thanks for the Music, Most of All, the Heritage.

      On this first anniversary of her passing, we offer this tribute to this legendary singer of a generation.  Born in a turbulent time when China was in a long period of wars, this uncommon beauty and resilient spirit had suffered much.  Her songs will always be sung, as long as romance lasts and heartbreaks endured on this land.  And we expect none of them will disappear any time soon.

      In keeping with tradition, here, we respectfully give the customary three deep bows.



      李香蘭   sung by  張潔瑩 (Kit Cheung), a street musician.

    This is the best version of the song we have
heard. Kit Cheung, a Hong Kong daughter, has
a gifted voice and a Hong Kong soul.

Meet Kit Cheung at her Facebook:

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