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Taking Hong Kong  

        Aoife Mackenzie showers Hong Kong with praises in her Hong Kong blog, TAKING HONG KONG. The blogger, an expat from a small city in Ireland, lived in London for a time before moving to Hong Kong. She pens a spirited, informative blog, chronicling her expat life in a city she favors over all the others she has lived in. How does she love her home away from Ireland? Aoife counts her ways regularly in TAKING HONG KONG. Through her blog posts, she explains the reasons for her likings articulately and often thoroughly with thoughtful insights.

        In her blog, Aoife plays many roles; some of them are tour guide, career adviser, expat counselor, urbane living and social critic, and so forth. The blogger is perceptive, sensible, clever, and true to her Irish roots -- she has a wonderful gift of gab. Peppering with colorful Irish expressions, Aoife tells her stories colloquially in fast-moving sentences; she engages her readers in an array of blithesome chitchats and lighthearted comments.

        This blog has a delightful positive vibe and is pleasurable to read. Aoife is no Oscar Wilde. Though not as flamboyant or outrageous as her famous fellow countryman, Aoife can be witty and write some "mean" sentences -- as she would put it.

        Go read the blog and find out what the allure is of this city to Aoife Mackenzie and have fun reading it at the same time.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends TAKING HONG KONG highly.

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Aoife Mackenzie