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Style on Pottinger  

        This blog, STYLE ON POTTINGER, accentuates Hong Kong's current street fashion scene. In their blog, the bloggers Jin Wong & Nick Chan showcase the photos of the fashionable people they spot on the famous historical Pottinger Street and its surrounding area. And from the bloggers' find, they write about the notable outfits and the people who creatively and stylishly don them.

        Named after the first British colonial governor of Hong Kong, the cobble-stoned Pottinger Street is one of the oldest streets in HK. Apparently, the bloggers infer that the street is a fertile ground for people watching and to check out the latest in street fashion. As the photos in this blog aptly show, the bloggers may well be on the right track.

        STYLE ON POTTINGER gives a wonderful mixed flavor of modern urban excitement and old city-street charm. Comparing to other HK fashion blogs as a whole, it is delightfully unpretentious. The blog is in a niche of HK fashion world for readers who like to see something different from those prosaic, commonplace fashion blogs that are overhyped with hyperbolic writing and glitzy shots of extravagant too-thin models.

        If you have read enough of them, as our reviewers have, HK fashion blogs seem to be all alike. But not all of them are the same -- Jin & Nick's blog stands out from the crowd. In the realm of down-to-earth, everyday people on the street-level sort of things, Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends STYLE ON POTTINGER.

        Go read the blog and let Jin & Nick take you for a stroll down Pottinger Street.

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