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Washing the Book

        From the blog's self-description:

" Washing the Book.
Egyptology, archaeology, life in Asia, America, and the Middle East, music, thoughts, and ideas. From the perspective of an independent academic and traveller. "

        From the blogger's profile:

" Egyptologist, archaeologist, and citizen of the world. I've been working in Egypt at the sacred site of Abydos since 1988, and now direct my own excavation, which centers on the monuments of King Ahmose (ca 1550-1525 BC). I've taught at universities, worked in museums, and travelled a lot. Right now, I'm living between New York City and Hong Kong, with lots of travel on the side. I'm interested in a lot of topics aside from ancient and modern Egypt, however, including all periods of art, art history theory, narrative, languages ancient and modern, and performing arts such as theater, puppetry, and music. Another huge fascination is the religion and culture of India - a place I have not yet visited. Life seems to hold lots of mysteries yet! "

        The blogger, Professor Steve Harvey, a part-time HK resident, is a noted American archaeologist.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends this partial HK blog, WASHING THE BOOK. Go take a dig in this blog, you never know what treasure you may find.

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