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Musings on Life in Hong Kong

        Some HK blogs mainly concentrate on a particular theme the blogger is interested in. However, this blog, MUSINGS ON LIFE IN HONG KONG, has a bit of many things in it. Travel, books, politics, food, native living, social injustice, Chinese people -- just to name a few -- are among the many topics it covers. But at its core, it is a religion blog.

        The blogger Stephen Chan, a native HK Chinese, is a teacher and a committed fundamentalist Christian. The thoughts and sentiments expressed by the blogger in MUSINGS ON LIFE IN HONG KONG are firmly centered around his faith and Christian teachings. To a certain extent, this blog is bi-lingual, Stephen articulates his points well and he is considerate, civil and personable.

        The divisive issues of our time, such as Evolution versus Creationism and science versus religion are not off-limits in this blog. The blogger shows no hostilities toward those readers who hold different views than his and the debates are conducted in a respectful manner by both sides in MUSINGS ON LIFE IN HONG KONG.

        Besides the religion, other parts of this blog are quite interesting, thought-provoking and enjoyable to read. Stephen's perspectives of the world and life itself may differ from yours, but he conveys them to his readers in a polite and gentle way with such sincere conviction, it should not keep a reasonable and open-minded person from hearing him out.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends MUSINGS ON LIFE IN HONG KONG to Christians and non-Christians alike.

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