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Paying  Patron  Perspective

         This blogger's interests in art are manifold, including operas, plays, musicals, classical music, visual art, et cetera. Apparently, the blogger is far from struggling to make a living. He has free time; he travels all over the world to enjoy and critique well-known artists performing live on renowned stages and in famous concert halls. He also writes about Hong Kong's local art and concert scenes.

         The blogger, Satoshi Kyo, is a connoisseur of art; he is thoughtful and knowledgeable about his consuming passion. Mr. Satoshi says virtually nothing about his personal life. This blog, PAYING PATRON PERSPECTIVE, is the perspective of a paying patron of art but the background of this particular patron, other than the fact that he is living and working in Hong Kong, is not revealed.

         Mr. Satoshi writes in fluent North-American English with an expansive vocabulary. His adjectives always hit the right notes, never overwrought. In some of his passages, you can almost hear the music, see the actor's face, and picture the dancer leaping in midair.

         PAYING PATRON PERSPECTIVE is high-brow, but the blogger does not talk loftily down to his audience. Mr. Satoshi's prose carries on in a contented tone, as if he leisurely wants to share his love of art with you. With his high caliber, Mr. Satoshi's talent as an art critic seems too big for the small stage of a "cultural desert" that is this artless city.

         On a high note, all through the ages, there have always been people who knew, valued, and appreciated true art of all forms.  Mr. Satoshi's writing proves there is no exception to that, even in our times — in this our inauthentic and cynical era.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends PAYING PATRON PERSPECTIVE highly.

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