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Rothwell - Gornt

        We received the following from Mr. Quillan Gornt of Rothwell-Gornt Holdings:

" Dear Sir,

        As the Taipan of Hong Kong's most distinguished trading company, Rothwell-Gornt, I should be delighted if you could review the content of my corporate weblog. The weblog may be found at the following location:

        Incidentally, you may find the following resource rather helpful for your research:

        Congratulations on you[r] fine page.

Best of joss,

Quillan Gornt

CEO and Taipan

Rothwell-Gornt Holdings ".

        The air and wording of the above request bespeak Mr. Quillan Gornt's breeding, class, and position; and it commands immediate attention. Hong Kong Blogs Review shall honour Mr. Gornt's request immediately without delay.

        This blog is one of the most humourous HK blogs we have ever read. It is a tie-in to the once international bestselling novel, Noble House by James Clavell and its subsequent American TV mini-series starring Pierce Brosnan. Mr. Gornt would surely like you to be familiar with Noble House before you read his esteemed HK blog, ROTHWELL-GORNT.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review says, read ROTHWELL-GORNT, this blog, if nothing else, is entertaining. In it, you can also see how the English language is meant to be written; Mr. Gornt writes well.

        Both the physical landscape and the political landscape of Hong Kong have changed almost beyond recognition since the first publication of Noble House three decades ago. Despite all the changes, here in HK, the best and most admirable qualities of the British character endure -- one among many of them is their wonderful British wit.

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