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The Real Hong Kong News  

        The mission of THE REAL HONG KONG NEWS, as in part stated in the "About" section of this blog, is to report the noteworthy news items appearing in the local Chinese-language newspapers but not covered by the Western media nor Hong Kong's sole English-language daily. Due to the language barrier, these items, political commentaries and news articles, are not normally read by the Westerners.

        We have no doubt that the Hong Kong news presented in this blog are real, as most of our reviewers have read some of the same articles in Chinese. But, to what degree or how well its Western readers are able to understand the translated versions in English is debatable.

        Translating from one language to another is always a tricky proposition; it takes a language expert to do it well. The articles in this blog are translated literally word-for-word from Chinese to English. This manner of interpretation makes its English translations particularly difficult to follow, because of the considerable differences between the basic structures and syntax of the two languages. Through its translations, while the articles' main thrusts are mostly intact, the writers' intended tones and the nuances and subtleties of the language have been largely lost.

        Despite the blemish, Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends THE REAL HONG KONG NEWS for its bloggers' laudable efforts and good intentions. These bloggers are an integral part of HK's mainstream social fabric — they know the region like you know your hometown.

        Go read the blog; get a broader perspective. Why not hear it from Hong Kong's majority whose native language or worldview may be different from your own?

        You would be surprised by what you might have missed.

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We do not accept any form of paid advertisements.

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