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Private  Beach

        If you have read enough Hong Kong blogs by expats like our reviewers have, then there is nothing extraordinary or new about what the blogger says about Hong Kong and the Chinese in this blog, PRIVATE BEACH.

          In many ways, this is a very stereotypical Hong Kong blog by a male expat from the British Isles. In small variations, many elements of the blogger's view of this city and its people are repeated everyday many times by many bloggers of non-native origin.

          However, that being said, the merit of this Hong Kong blog lies on the blogger's exceptional knowledge and love for his native language. The blogger writes well. He commands his language deftly and he crafts a great deal of colors, flavors, and sometimes power into his words. His writing is succinct and exemplary; he makes every word count. He is at least borderline literary.

          Self-admittingly, the blogger's favorite music is by Bob Dylan — a 1960's culture icon. The blogger is not speaking to a general audience in PRIVATE BEACH. His tone is almost one of whispering privately to his fellow countrymen or people of his similar background. The blog gives a revealing look at the thought process and mindset of some people from the blogger's generation and his social class, both in HK and the UK. In Bob Dylan's prime, before Internet blogging, the private conversations between the blogger and his peers were exclusive to their circle. Now, they are just a click away for anyone to hear.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends PRIVATE BEACH to the people of the blogger's social sphere who share his private thoughts and views of the world at large in the not-so-private setting of Hong Kong's blogosphere.

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