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Photos from Hong Kong

        This blog is named PHOTOS FROM HONG KONG. As its title suggests, the blog showcases a collection of pictures from Hong Kong. They are taken by the blogger, Eva, an expat photographer living in the city. The blog is one of the most enjoyable and remarkable photo blogs we have come across in a while.

        The blogger wrote to us in part:

        " I wanted to let you know about my blog. It's mainly pictures from Hong Kong and from time to time from my travels. I don't write too much and most of my photos are 35mm film. "

        Eva says little in PHOTOS FROM HONG KONG, but her photos speak plenty and beautifully about this city -- they tell stories of HK not in words but visually in pictures. Many pictures in the blog are artistically and creatively shot from dynamic angles with just the right adjustment of lighting. PHOTOS FROM HONG KONG is no ordinary HK photo blog; the pictures in it are the work of an exceptional photographer who is imaginative and understands the beauty and appeal of originality. If you have an eye for art and beauty, PHOTOS FROM HONG KONG should not be missed.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends PHOTOS FROM HONG KONG.

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