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British Born Chinese Blog

          The blogger, Pete Tong — not to be confused with the British DJ and record producer of the same name, is British-born, an offspring of HK Chinese parents. He has his roots here in Hong Kong. The type of British news he is reporting in this blog, BRITISH BORN CHINESE BLOG, is unlikely to appear in Hong Kong's two English newspapers, the South China Morning Post and the struggling Hong Kong Standard. BRITISH BORN CHINESE BLOG is not the sort of blogs you would like to read for entertainment or relaxation on a Sunday afternoon. But, it has its own appeal.

          Pete describes his blog as unique. In most social circles, most of the topics he writes about are considered socially unacceptable to air out in public. Unique, a worn and overused word nowadays, does not even begin to tell this blog's prospective readers how refreshingly outspoken and intellectually stimulating this blog really is.

          Truth sometimes hurts; Pete is brutally honest. Not sugar-coated, the facts are laid out raw and bare in his writing. This blog is not for a mass audience — it's a far-cry from a gaudy, empty-headed, over-hyped, commercial HK lifestyle blog that's largely detached from reality. Some would dismiss the blogger as being negative, an excessively emotional radical. However, in the grand scheme of things, this blog is a heralding voice in the wilderness that reveals the hypocrisy in some of our unspoken social codes and prevalent attitudes in Hong Kong, China, and the UK. It is a call for self-reexamination and change. Don't hold your breath, any meaningful social change will take generations — our social convention runs deep, centuries in the making. It is well entrenched in our collective psyche.

          That being said, given a choice, do any of us want our children to live in a culture where we hate ourselves for being who we are?  Is it normal for someone to wish they were of a different race?  Do we wish our children to live in a society in which they can never be fully accepted nor considered an equal member?  Among other things, those are the questions the blogger subtly but not too gently asks in BRITISH BORN CHINESE BLOG.

          Pete Tong's prose is unapologetic, unvarnished, and unbridled; it is the writing of a man who feels deeply about social injustices and duplicities in our daily lives. To the true sense of the word unique, this blog is indeed unique in an avaricious, dog-eat-dog, spiteful world that most of us find ourselves in.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends BRITISH BORN CHINESE BLOG.

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