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White Boy from Wisconsin

        The humor of this self-proclaimed "White Boy from Wisconsin" is subtle. He skillfully uses a lot of dialogue in his blog as a device to tell his stories and get his points across. The view you see from the blogger's writing, though not sharply focused, is far and wide. The blogger's prose is unassuming, elegant, and unembellished. Like a lively Impressionist painting, it is simply executed.

        This is a blog by Paul Hanstedt, a scholar associated with the international Fulbright Scholarship program, a professor of English who specializes in Victorian literature, but he doesn't write much like the 19th-century literary giants he studied. Instead, his writing style in this blog resembles the modern satirical writers of his native America.

        The professor, now living in Hong Kong with his family, also teaches creative writing. Wisconsin Boy's writing is hip, animated, and fun to read. He has style. The blogger gives you a feeling that he is taking you along for an exploration with his family to such places as China, Vietnam, Macau, and some local tourist destinations. Through his blog, this professor of creative writing even takes you to a new frontier of American letters -- showing you some new, creative, or witty ways to say the same thing.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends WHITE BOY FROM WISCONSIN. Go read Wisconsin Boy's HK blog, it will make you think and put a smile on your face.

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