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Not The South China Morning Post

      This Hong Kong blog, "NOT THE SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST", is cryptic. If you think the blogger writes in code, because he does.

      What makes the blogger's writing difficult to decipher is he seems to write in a dialect of British English that most people outside of his social circle are normally unfamiliar with. He bills his blog as "satire since 1995". Discovering this blog only recently, we cannot attest the blog has indeed been around for that long. We would take the blogger's words for it.

      Whoever is behind this blog knows this city and its expat community exceptionally well. From reading the blog, it is apparent that the blogger is a British expat and has been residing in Hong Kong for decades — he has an air and writing style of a Brit from a bygone era. The blogger is quite familiar with the cast of characters of the opinionated, overbearing, delusional, loud-mouthed, racist, shamelessly-self-promoting, et cetera in HK's English-language blogosphere. We surmise it is his way of being satirical that eight of "The Ten Worst Hong Kong Blogs" he names are by bloggers in the same cast of characters we mentioned above.

      If you don't understand the blogger's sense of humor, you are not the only one. We have no clue as to what he tries to say in some of his posts. This blog exemplifies that satire or humor, for that matter, does not always transcend cultures and languages. We suspect "NOT THE SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST" is quite witty or sardonic to the members of his expat community. However, being native and not a part of his circle, we have no way of knowing for sure.

      One thing is certain. "NOT THE SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST" does have at least one thing in common with HK's English-language newspaper, The South China Morning Post. They both are not widely read by this city's majority, the Cantonese-speaking natives. Contrary to the myth, vast majority of HK's general population cannot read English, let alone this blog's English. Like people everywhere, Hongkongers prefer to get their news and read the pulse of their home city from sources that are in their mother tongue. The South China Morning Post is commonly dubbed as an expat community newspaper, catering mainly to the non-natives. Culturally, Hong Kong is much less "Western" than what this English-language daily portrays.

      Strange but true:  The South China Morning Post is definitely not your hometown newspaper if you are a member of the majority and Hong Kong is your hometown.

      The blogger of "NOT THE SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST" updates his blog often; the site's layout is bright and pleasant. Despite his opaque writing style and quirkiness, this blog has an easy charm. And if you take a closer look beneath the blogger's rough exterior, you may even surprisingly find a soft and caring heart. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends "NOT THE SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST" to those who like to read something different, spicier than the average everyday expat blogs.

      For all we know, depending on who you are, this blog could be the funniest Hong Kong blog around since 1995.

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