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Mint Mocha Musings

        The following is from the "About" section of this blog, MINT MOCHA MUSINGS. The blogger, Nicole Webb, wrote:

        " I know, I know! Mint Mocha Musings - what's that all about?

        Well, for a start I imagine or rather hope there will rarely be a sane blog written by me if I don't have a Mint Mocha firmly within my grasp (I know - small things.)

        It's probably fair to say I've developed a bit of a Starbucks obsession (lets blame it on pregnancy hormones and living in Hong Kong.)

        In fact, (and no this blog is not endorsed by Starbucks) you know you're in trouble when the cashier starts calling out your order before you've even made it to the counter. "Tall Mint Mocha, skim milk, no whip!"

        Since arriving in this colourful and crazy city two years ago, there have been some pretty major life changes.

        Swapping the Sky News desk and microphone for a change table and nappy bag, I'm now lucky enough to enjoy the best of both worlds: a mum plus work as a freelance journalist, writer, media trainer, presenter and Master of Ceremonies.

        And now it seems... a blogger.

        So, why write a blog?

        First up, don't all journos like to think they've got a book in them?

        Sometime, somewhere, someday! But for now this is about as close as I get.

        I suppose I'm a lot of things to a lot of people (some may volunteer their own descriptions here) but what I know for sure, at this moment in time, I'm an expat, an hotelier's wife, mum to a hyped up little blond girl, journalist and former 24 hour television news presenter. So I figure I might have a few funny stories to share with you.

        Blogs are supposed to be intensely interesting and amusing, captivating the readers so much so they will never miss another, right?

        I can't promise this, but I will give it my best shot...

        Stay tuned.



        After reviewing Hong Kong blogs since 2007, MINT MOCHA MUSINGS is one of the most up-beat and enjoyable blogs the reviewer has read. This attractive former TV news presenter, Nicole Webb, has the gift of gab. She captivates her audience with wit and unmatched charm.

        This Hong Kong blog is full of sunshine and cheer. Not to mention, it is informative and illuminating. Not only that, if there is a beauty contest and all the female bloggers are contestants, Nicole Webb would win the crown with "flying colors", as the Americans would put it.

        Without further delay, go read  MINT MOCHA MUSINGS.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends  MINT MOCHA MUSINGS  highly.  You will undoubtedly be amused.

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