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Investing Through a Social Lens 

    This is a courtesy review to answer Mr. Ming Wong's request for a review on his HK blog, INVESTING THROUGH A SOCIAL LENS.

    In this case, instead of a formal review, the reviewer will make a few brief remarks on the blog.

    INVESTING THROUGH A SOCIAL LENS reads like a HK expat blog written solely for a non-native audience. The ideas, issues, and proposals raised in the blog are difficult for the ordinary HK natives to relate to. Keep in mind that the Chinese natives compose 96% of HK's population. These Cantonese-speaking people are the majority and backbone of this city. Hong Kong may be a "world city", but it is not a Western city.

    Some crucial terms frequently seen in this blog need to be explained as their outward meanings tend to be vague, ambiguous, or overly broad. It is not to say the blogger has problem writing in English; he actually writes well. Rather, it is the words and writing style that Mr. Ming Wong chooses to use make his writing hazy and some of his blog's passages abstruse.

    Regardless of whether you can relate to Mr. Ming Wong or not, the reviewer suggests you take a look at INVESTING THROUGH A SOCIAL LENS. You may enjoy Mr. Ming Wong's writing style, appreciate his vocabulary, or admire his impressive Western bearing.

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