To Tsing-Yi Girl and Sham-Shui-Po Boy,

      This is Michael Rivera, from Do you hate it too?   I have only recently come across the review you wrote for my blog, and I want to thank you for the support (and blog traffic) you have provided me. The words you chose were highly flattering, and I could not believe somebody would appreciate my work so much to actually write a review complimenting it. I smiled as I read it, then showed it to my mother. Unsurprisingly, she was so happy and proud, and she is now pushing me to publish a book. It's another idea for a blog post, if I had to look at it in a positive light, I suppose.

      Why did nobody tell me the review had been written? I would have thanked you earlier if I had known.

      If there is anything that I could do to help out with your organization (which I think is a brilliant one, by the way), please feel free to contact me via this e-mail. I am not sure how exactly, but the best I can do is to offer. And perhaps urge you to read my latest entry that mentions Hong Kong Blogs Review.

Thanks again,

Best regards,

Kwun-Tong Boy, now studying in the UK.

Do You Hate it Too?

        The blogger, Michael Rivera, is not your typical Hong Kong teenager. He apparently attends an expensive international school; his school mates are mostly children of English-speaking expats. An offspring of bi-cultural parents, aside from Filipino and Chinese, his family likely speaks English at home. Speaking and seeing the English language in action in school and social settings from an early age might explain this HK teenager's native-fluency in English.

        Michael has a big-city boy's savvy; he is skeptical with an inquisitive mind. Like most teenagers anywhere, he dislikes school, authorities, and anything over about ten years old.

        This blog, "DO YOU HATE IT TOO?", is worth a read; it is charmingly provocative, filled with peppy, rebellious youthful zest. The blogger is perceptive, articulate, and insightful for his age; sometimes, his writing steers the readers into looking at things in a non-traditional, unconventional way. Keep in mind though, while Michael is engaging, smart and quick, he is anything but your average Hong Kong teen.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends "DO YOU HATE IT TOO?"; this blog would put you in a different plane --- Michael broke the mold. We have at least one free-thinking, free-spirited teen in Hong Kong.

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