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Love HK Film  

        If you love Hong Kong films, you will enjoy reading this China, Taiwan, and HK movie review blog/website. The blog, LOVE HK FILM, sports a colorful cast of talented reviewers who are devoted fans of Asian cinema. From reading their bios, the reviewers are a group of interesting characters. They all seem to come from "Central Casting", so to speak. These reviewers are passionate about a distinguishable style of movie making originated from Hong Kong that is now admired by the world over.

        The list of movie reviews appeared in LOVE HK FILM is impressive. It has breadth and depth; it covers an expansive ground. You will have a hard time to find a well-liked HK film that is not on its comprehensive list of reviews. Ross Chen, who likes to call himself webmaster, and his resident reviewers possess an amazing wealth of information and knowledge on the art and commercial aspects of HK's movie industry. The webmaster writes with flair and energy; his prose is animated, fast-paced, and expressive. Though a bit defensive at times, he engages his readers with anecdotes in an assertive and entertaining writing style.

        This Hong Kong blog is for movie lovers of almost every stripe and persuasion, from the novices to connoisseurs and virtually everyone in between. Among an extensive collection of movie reviews, Ross Chen infuses his site with captivating stories on HK film and the intriguing people who play pivotal roles in Asia's moviedom.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends LOVE HK FILM highly.

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