Learning  Cantonese


Characteristic:   mostly about language, food, New York and Hong Kong; lately on HK politics. The blogger knows this city very well; she is a friend of some activists and key figures of a grassroots movement in today's HK politics.

Blogger's Gender:   female

Focus:   Cantonese, Hong Kong food and people, HK politics and culture in general.

Who Are This Blog's Readers:   people interested in HK, Cantonese and good writing in English. This blog has a loyal following.

Sensitivity to Host Culture:   ★★★★★

Attitude:   ★★★★★

Popularity:   ★★★★

Overall Rating:   ★★★★★

Comment:   This blog is not only about learning Cantonese; it's much more than that. The blogger has a profound understanding of this city, its people and politics. And her love for her adopted home shows through in her writing. Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends this HK Blog, LEARNING CANTONESE.

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