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Land of No Cheese

        The blogger, Emilie, refers to Hong Kong as a "land of no cheese". In her way of describing this Hong Kong blog, LAND OF NO CHEESE, she wrote: "The connections I draw in this blog are my way of making sense of this chaotic, magical place".

        Of course, one can get anything that money can buy in this city, Hong Kong is not totally devoid of cheese, as Emilie later learned after she settled down in her new home and found her way to the cheese stores. The blogger didn't reveal the country of her origin, but judging by her spelling -- not much so by her contemporary writing style -- she is likely an expat from England.

        This is a photo blog and a place where the blogger shares her impressions and thoughts of her new home that she obviously enjoys exploring. The reviewers do not know if the blogger is proficient in Chinese, but the translations -- from Chinese to English -- appearing in this blog are excellent. Emilie is humorous and perceptive. Writing in her ultra-light, nimble prose, and through her photos, the blogger shows you the many sides of this chaotic city that is no less than magical to her.

        With Emilie's lighthearted touch and deft, poetic writing prowess, this blog makes for a pleasurable read. Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends LAND OF NO CHEESE.

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