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Kung Fu Chewy

        Right off the top in this American blogger's profile, the blogger states: "This is NOT a blog about Hong Kong - just what I'm experiencing while living here." He might not be directly writing about Hong Kong, but a reader can surely learn a lot about this city from reading this HK blog, KUNG FU CHEWY.

        The blogger, Gary, is hilarious; he is a teacher, or shall we say, a "baby-sitter" in an international school for kids under about 10 years of age. He suggested that he was hired for the reason of boosting the school's public image because of his skin color and his national origin. No surprise to us there, it's a common practice by HK's enterprising private schools. This is one of his many anecdotes that tells something about Hong Kong poignantly, though indirectly.

        Gary is a fan of Carl Hiassen and he mimics the popular American writer's writing style -- quickly paced with non-stop, cutting humor. Reading this blog, the readers can feel that the blogger sees life as an adventure and he takes things in stride.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends KUNG FU CHEWY. This is an entertaining HK blog by a big-hearted fellow who will give you loads of big laughs. Read this blog, be amused, and learn something about what Hong Kong is like all at the same time.

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