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The Hungry Egghead

        This highly personal blog is by a Chinese-American born in Shanghai, raised in New York city, now living in Hong Kong. The blogger, Kelly Yen, bills her blog, THE HUNGRY EGGHEAD, as "Adventures of an aspiring author living in Hong Kong". The "adventures" portion of this HK blog is engaging and illuminating; it is above the standard fare -- reviews of tourist spots, HK food, the local shopping scene, native culture and tradition, and so forth. However, it is the rest of THE HUNGRY EGGHEAD that makes this blog stand out and well worth a reader's time.

        The blog has a wide scope. Kelly writes about many topics in her blog; among them are family relations, friendship, love, and thoughts on career and life in general.

        By reading THE HUNGRY EGGHEAD, it is fascinating to see how the culture we are born into influences the way we write in the second language we learn from an adopted country. The expressions this aspiring writer uses, the words she chooses, and the idioms she applies tell much about her background and the view from her vantage point. Through Kelly's writing, you can learn a great deal about life in this city as well.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends THE HUNGRY EGGHEAD. Why not read an interesting blog by an Americanized Chinese girl with a well-known Irish name now living in a former British colony?   Or, on a similar note, why not read a HK blog by a blogger with multiple cultural experience and international perspectives?

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