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K.C. Chan Photographer     - Chan Ki-Chun

          It is always a joy to see something beautiful, a labor of love by a talented professional striving for excellence.

          Living in this city, one of the most densely populated places on earth, the reviewer sees a large number of people on the streets of Hong Kong every day. A few of them are good-looking; some are far from it, and most falls somewhere in between -- in the average category. It is not by chance that many beautiful, handsome faces happen to appear in K.C. Chan's photos; it is his extraordinary flair and skill as a photographer that is largely responsible for the gathering of all those eye-pleasing shots of attractive people in his website. He can make a good-looking person look gorgeous and an ugly duckling a fairy-tale swan.

          The English in this site is among the best the reviewer has read in any HK blog or HK based website. Since this is a commercial business site designed by a vendor, it is likely that a professional writer has crafted the elegant text. Of course, there exists a possibility that the photographer is also a capable wordsmith. A result of vigorous editing or not, the writing in this site flows like silk.

          The photos in K.C. Chan's website are a joy to peruse. Through his site, K.C. Chan shares with you a visual feast.

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