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Journey to Hong Kong 

        From the blogger's profile:

        " This's a picture I took in Marbella, Spain 3 years ago. I roamed the streets of the city and ran into this corner, and instantly I was struck. There is something enchanting in the scene that speaks directly to my soul.

        Maybe the picture can tell a lot about me. So I posted it here.

        I started trotting the world when I was 20. Travelling has opened up the world to me and changed my life forever. I posted more of [the] travelogues in Chinese, so if you can read Chinese, pls do go to my Chinese blog.

        I hope through my English blog, I can open a window of viewing into Hong Kong and China, on travel, politics and things that I feel passionate about.

        The picture the blogger, Anna Tam, took in Spain tells something about her, but her writing tells more. As simple as the above profile is, it's rare to see a HK Chinese native expressing herself in English in such a way.

        Anna Tam's words are crisp, and at the same time, have depth, warmth and an air of tenderness to them. From reading her two blogs, it's clear that the blogger, a lover of books and well-written words, is well-read in both Chinese and English. In terms of her language skills, how much of it is talent and how much of it is learned, the reviewer will never know, but one thing is for certain, this blogger didn't acquire her writing style from reading the popular babbles in the Internet.

        For those who love writing seasoned with a bit of literary flavor, the two blogs, JOURNEY TO HONG KONG and its sister blog in Chinese, should not be missed (two blogs are not identical; the Chinese one is more literary).

        If you're the thinking type, and long for something different in a HK blog -- some moving words and poetic prose away from all the noise, these two blogs will disappoint you not.

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