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        The blogger John Richards did not reveal much directly about himself in this Hong Kong blog, HK COASTER. There is no "About Me" page in his blog. From reading the blog, Mr. Richards appears to be an English-language teacher, a long-time expat from England. HK COASTER is difficult to read; it is full of obscure idioms of British origin. If you are unfamiliar with UK-English, you would have a hard time understanding Mr. Richards' distinctive British gab.

        As the way some older generations of Brits living in HK usually write, the language in this blog is opaque and many sentences are superfluously long. Nowadays, to the young blog readers, Mr. Richards' English could be considered provincial, regional, or indubitably old-fashioned British.

        This HK blog, HK COASTER, is quirky; it complements the blogger's colorful, free-wheeling personality. The Blog covers the topics of politics, the English language (ESL,EFL), news, business, social commentaries, HK's "gold coast", and so forth. With the blogger's chaotic and abstruse writing style, this blog is not everyone's cup of tea, so to speak. But if you like to try something different from the everyday, ordinary HK expat blogs, give HK COASTER a read.

        Mr. Richards has strong opinions on the subjects that he writes about in HK COASTER. From his own perspective, an expat world of a colonial Hong Kong creeps into view in Mr. Richards' writing -- though it may not be intentionally told by the blogger.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends HK COASTER to those HK blog readers who like to read something atypical or with an air of mid-20th-century British Hong Kong lurking in the backdrop.

Afterthought:  If Mr. Richards is indeed an English-language
teacher, that would make his blog, HK COASTER, an
even more amusing read.

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