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          The blogger, Janice Leung, is a well-known Hong Kong food blogger and critic. Her blog, e-tingfood, has a loyal following. If I could only use one word to describe this Hong Kong food blog, I would call it comprehensive. This blog has something in it for every food lover of almost every taste.

          The photos of the food featured in e-tingfood are stunning. Ms. Leung's prose is chirpy and expressive. She has a fun-loving, self-deprecating sense of humor. Don't let all those mystifying, self-invented, "Internet-ish" words in her blog fool you, she actually knows the language well and her syntax is consistent with the native speakers of English. This outstanding food blogger's animated and flavorful writing style is particularly well-suited for food critiquing.

          e-tingfood is one impressive HK food blog enlivened by some of the best food blog writing I've read. To taste the food showcased in this blog, Ms. Leung would even tell you where to go, with addresses and directions included for those hard and not-so-hard to find places.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends e-tingfood; go read Janice Leung's Hong Kong food blog and enjoy.

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