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Back on the Boat

        The terms, "fresh off the boat" and "F. O. B." were initially used to label the Chinese immigrants -- most of them were laborers -- who immigrated to America for work during the turn of the 20th century. More than a century passed, though most new immigrants nowadays arrive in the US by planes rather than by boats, nevertheless, the terms became part of American speech and are commonly used to describe new Chinese immigrants to this day. The blogger, James Kye, was fresh-off-the-boat at an early age, recently he moved back to Hong Kong, thus he fittingly and playfully named his blog "BACK ON THE BOAT".

        The blogger writes in fluent, native-level, North-American English with an affectionate voice. Almost every entry in BACK ON THE BOAT has an introduction, a middle part and a well thought-out conclusion. There is no rambling, no fancy empty words nor obscure regional slang just to kill the time and fill the space. The design of this blog's website is refreshingly one-of-a-kind; it is subdued yet eye-pleasing.

        It is not easily noticeable on the surface, but if you look into this blog a bit deeper, it thoughtfully begs the question: can one really go home again after one has been living in a different culture and spending most of one's life in a country far away from the land of one's birth?

        In his blog, James takes you through a journey, a sentimental journey, an adventure of self-discovery, if you will. Whether, in his heart, James can go home or not, it remains to be seen; we have to wait for the journey to be completed. But at this point, what is clear is that this blog is worth a read. If you're the thinking type, interested in knowing more about Hong Kong and care about good writing, then you should not miss BACK ON THE BOAT.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends BACK ON THE BOAT. Hop on, the journey has only just begun.

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