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          The expat blogger, Jade King, lives in Hong Kong with her husband, two young children and one live-in housemaid. Mrs. King writes the way a person would speak -- she converses in colloquial Australian English chirpily.

          The blogger's sentences tend to be long. Australian idioms and terms appear frequently in her writing. She rambles merrily through her posts on this HK blog, JADELUXE. Nothing extraordinary about that, after all, Mrs. King is an Australian expat writing a personal blog, not producing serious literature or anything formal.

          With the blogger's freewheeling writing style, this blog is not a place for a HK Chinese native to learn about succinct writing or English composition. But for someone outside of Hong Kong, who is interested in finding out what living in Hong Kong is like, this blog is a treasure trove of first-hand information on expat living.

          Mrs. King is a free spirit; she is gregariously sociable and outrageously funny. JADELUXE informs and entertains you; the blogger is insightful. Despite the dense prose and all those needlessly long, stringy sentences, the stories and information offered in this blog are illuminating and delightfully fun to read.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends Jade King's HK blog, JADELUXE, to the general blog-reading audience, especially to the would-be expats.

          Read this blog and learn the ups and downs of being an expat raising a family in a land that is vastly different from your own.

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