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Hungry Su   - formerly  Slurp

          In the "About Me" section of this Hong Kong blog, the blogger, Suzanne Guan, says something to the effect of, happiness is not happiness at all unless you share it with someone. The happiness she shares with her readers is, simply, her joy of eating good food.

          In this HK food blog, HUNGRY SU -- formerly known as SLURP,  Miss Guan calls herself "a Chinese girl" and refers to herself as "a hungry girl". But the "Chinese girl", in this case, grew up in Norway and there is no indication that she is deprived of food for nourishment -- only that she has an insatiable appetite for fine food of all sorts. Miss Guan finished her education here a few years ago. After that, she decided to continue to live and work in Hong Kong.

          HUNGRY SU is essentially a restaurant review blog. The blogger comments on the food she has from an array of restaurants she visits locally as well as eateries in other countries while traveling overseas or in the maninland. Miss Guan is an excellent photographer. The photos of dishes she takes are striking; they look invariably irresistible and savory.

          The blogger writes with a warm glow of sunshine and energy. She knows about fine food and good cooking. You can tell Miss Guan is in her element when she talks about her passion -- well-prepared food -- which is clearly dear to her heart as well as her discerning stomach.

          In this delightfully flavorful HK food blog, the blogger offers a great deal of her happiness to share with you.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends HUNGRY SU highly.

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