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Hong Wrong   - by  Tom Grundy

        The common impression the Hong Kong natives get from reading HK British expat blogs, generally speaking, is that the world these expats live in is vastly different from theirs, even though both of these groups live in the same city. A few of these British expat bloggers even write in a type of dense and roundabout English, the way only some Englishmen in some UK social circles or in the Victorian era would write.

        On the contrary, Tom Grundy, the young Englishman behind this Hong Kong blog, HONG WRONG, writes nimbly in everyday short modern British prose. He is in tune with the happenings on the city streets of Hong Kong as well as what is in the hearts and minds of Hong Kong's ordinary citizens. From reading this blog, it is evident that the blogger reads widely, from the world press to local blogs, newspapers, and various publications. He is well informed. In the blog, Mr. Grundy reports and comments on HK's current social and political issues in a clear and concerned voice using the least number of words possible, showing a keen understanding of the major elements of the issues involved and at the same time, not entirely devoid of good humor.

        The blogger describes himself as "an engaged activist". Unlike many older generation of Brits living in HK, Mr. Grundy not only writes stories about the natives, he apparently talks and socializes with the people in his stories as well. He is passionate about the contentious issues the locals are contesting. The photos in HONG WRONG are informative and thought-provoking; they cover an expansive ground and have been aptly selected from a wide range of blogs and sources both in Chinese and English. HONG WRONG also has sections written specially for tourists visiting HK and would-be expats, providing them with helpful information they may need.

        Mr. Grundy writes about many things that are wrong with Hong Kong in HONG WRONG. However, he expresses them evenhandedly and respectfully in a caring tone with what is positive of this city subtly noted in his writing as well. Despite the negative connotation of its title, HONG WRONG, the blog is far from being lopsided and skewed toward the negative. Chronically, the blog sharply reveals a contemporary, up-to-date, snap-shot picture of the city and sentiments of its increasingly political and socially conscious people. To that end, to those who care about the future of this city, these are developments which can only be viewed as nothing less than positive.

        For a British expat blog, HONG WRONG is unlike any other; for a Hong Kong blog in general, HONG WRONG is in a niche of its own.

        Hence, in view of the reviewer's opinion upon reading this blog, it is only right for Hong Kong Blogs Review to recommend  HONG WRONG.

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