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    Hong Kong Food Blog

      This Hong Kong food blog with a descriptive name of HONG KONG FOOD BLOG is popular among the expats. The blog is on many expat bloggers' blogrolls. Written in distinguishable regional English, this blog by a pleasant, eager-to-please HK Chinese native has a local acccent and certain exotic attraction to the Westerners, especially to the tourists visiting this city and some new expats.

      Like most HK blogs in English, this blog is mainly aimed toward the expat readers and the Western audience overseas. The blogger not only presents local foods that are generally unfamiliar to the Westerners, she also provides recipes and background information on them with some anecdotes and interesting historical or cultural references. Reviews on an assortment of HK restaurants, various styles of cooking, and as well as non-Chinese dishes are regularly featured in this blog.

      Despite the blogger's somewhat stiff, labored writing style, this popular food blog is an informative and appealing read. Go take a look at the blog and see what Hong Kong's culinary world has to offer.

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