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Healthy Hong Kong

From the "About" section of this blog:

        " If you live in Hong Kong, you know how difficult it is to eat and live healthy. No matter where you are, greasy, fried and fat-loaded temptations are everywhere, and the worst part is, they're usually much cheaper than the healthier options (or are they...?!).

        Of course, if you have a maid, and/or you know how to cook, you can always make yourself a healthy meal. However, I can't cook to save my life and I don't really plan on learning, least of all in HK! So, this blog is going to be about how to eat and live healthy on-the-go in Hong Kong, with little or no cooking at all. In this case, 'healthy' is loosely defined as either:

1. low fat / low carb / whole foods

2. gives you lots of energy

3. does a body good!

        Through this blog, I hope to discover and share with any other fitness junkies out there that it is actually possible to eat and live healthy in Hong Kong, and even if we eat out everyday, there's always going to be something (relatively) healthy on the menu! Hope you like it.

        Stay healthy!


        Eating good tasting food does not mean it is always healthy for you. In this Hong Kong blog, HEALTHY HONG KONG, the blogger, Erica, takes on the challenging feat of identifying places where you can find tasty and well-prepared dishes that are good for your health as well.

        HEALTHY HONG KONG is relatively new. With the blogger's up-beat, energetic, lively, engaging writing prowess and the increasing popularity of healthy-living, this food and fitness blog could become a popular HK blog once more readers discover it. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends HEALTHY HONG KONG.  Go enjoy "the best of both worlds".

        Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

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