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Hong Kong Media Review

          The blogger wrote:

          " I translate extracts/gists from Hong Kong's Chinese language media, focussing on opinion/analysis, with the aim of giving non-Chinese readers an insight into current hot topics as debated by Chinese commentators. I cover issues related to Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese politics ... "

          The so-called "political junkies" would love this China and Hong Kong politics blog, HONG KONG MEDIA REVIEW. The blogger, a self-proclaimed "China watcher", is informative and inquisitive with an open mind. On the other hand, insipid at times and monotonous at places, this blog tests the patience of the apolitical.

          In the HK blogosphere, a blog focused on Hong Kong and mainland politics by an expat is by no means unique. However, the fact that the blogger is female and not Chinese-illiterate makes HONG KONG MEDIA REVIEW unparalleled and atypical among its peers. It is rare to see an expat blogger who possesses -- not merely superficially -- the uncommon skill of understanding the natives' language.

          This Hong Kong blog has a treasure trove of information for the "China watchers". HONG KONG MEDIA REVIEW is not meant to be read for entertainment or pleasure. That is unless, of course, you enjoy watching the seamy side of other people's politics.

          From reading this blog, the reviewer finds the blogger knowledgeable about China's extensive history and her distinct culture. For those who like to see what is beyond the surface and the underbelly of China's national and local politics, HONG KONG MEDIA REVIEW offers a compelling read.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends HONG KONG MEDIA REVIEW to its intended audience. This blog is a candy store for the serious political blog readers.

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