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Gwulo: Old Hong Kong   - by  David Bellis

        If you were a history buff or curious about what Hong Kong looked like during our colonial era, you would enjoy reading this Hong Kong photo blog. It transports its readers to a time and place that are now long gone but exist only in some aging expats' and elderly natives' memories.

        The blogger David Bellis, an amateur Hong Kong historian, presents his readers a marvelous collection of some historical, vintage photos of Hong Kong in his Hong Kong blog, GWULO: OLD HONG KONG. This blog is like a rear-view mirror. And it is a ride down memory lane for those nostalgic, past and current Hong Kong residents who are interested in HK history. The blog shows its readers extensive views and phases of this ever-changing city.

        Writing in his native language, Mr. Bellis, a middle-aged British expat living in Hong Kong, is unexpectedly a prosaic writer. Though personable and colloquial in style, his prose wanders; it is provincial and at times, needlessly verbose. The strength or merit of GWULO lies in its large number of storytelling, mostly well-preserved period photos of this former British colony. Some of these photos convey more than words could express. Mr. Bellis' writing skill is inconsequential in this case. The pictures appearing in his blog speak volumes and eloquently for themselves.

        Through the blog, Mr. Bellis thoughtfully records a visual history and the many changes of this fascinating city over more than a century of transformation. He may not know exactly where we are going — no one does, however, his blog tells bountiful stories of where we have been.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends GWULO: OLD HONG KONG.

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