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Gweilo in the Mist

        The blogger of this HK blog, GWEILO IN THE MIST, and our editor SSPB have something in common. The Brits would call them, "not exactly manor born" and the Americans would call them, "from the wrong side of the tracks".

        This blogger, a Brit who moved his family of three to his HK Chinese wife's hometown, Hong Kong, is from an impoverished area of England. One of the reasons he moved, according to some of GWEILO IN THE MIST's posts: the blogger doesn't want his young daughter to start smoking and be pregnant by her mid-teens like many young girls are in the neighborhood where the family used to live. One other reason is for employment opportunities.

        The blogger gets high marks for being a caring family man; the language of his posts concerning his wife and daughter is tender and loving. Among British expat blogs, GWEILO IN THE MIST is unique; it tells its readers something about the current state of Britain's economy and the country's growing social problems, particularly the dismal conditions of its underclass. These issues are usually ignored by HK's English newspapers and bloggers of British origin. And the blog chronicles an underprivileged Brit's journey of adjusting to his new home here in Hong Kong.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends GWEILO IN THE MIST, a HK blog that offers an uncommon perspective by a new Gweilo in our midst who is from an often unnoticed side of England.

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