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Baby, Where's my Light?

        Don't believe it for even a second if someone tells you this blog, "BABY, WHERE'S MY LIGHT?", is written by an average, everyday Hong Kong teenager. The blogger, Gloria Yu, goes to an atypical HK school; she lives an atypical HK teenager's life.

        Gloria is talented with words. She writes the way she speaks; English is obviously her first language and she commands it seamlessly with a vivacious bouncy natural rhythm. Not much is given about the blogger's background but there are clues scattered around here and there throughout the blog. If you're so inclined, it's not hard to piece together some information about Gloria by spending some time going through her posts. Putting a puzzle together could be fun for the curious.

        This blog is full of a teenage girl's muses, dreamy random thoughts, and the blogger's exuberant expression of her creative energy. Gloria is an art student with an interest in fashion design. Her blog reflects her artistic bent and her sprightly disposition.

        Blogging can be viewed as an art form. As for most art forms, it's more about style than substance. In "BABY, WHERE'S MY LIGHT?", the blogger might not have shed any light on anything substantive, but its best and most attractive attributes, the blogger's stylish writing style and her glowing spirit, shine through brilliantly.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends "BABY, WHERE'S MY LIGHT?". Go read this blog, especially for those who may think they have what Gloria is looking for — whatever and wherever her light is.

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