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Mr. & Mrs. Gillies  

        The bloggers wrote:

        "We are two expats living in Hong Kong that don't quite live up to the usual "expat life". We used to write just for family and friends to keep tabs on our lives abroad but we started this blog because we found that most food blogs in Hong Kong focus on the high end of the spectrum.

        That's where we come in. We will write about those fancy places too, but we mostly write about the cheap eats and our home cooked meals.

        This cheery Hong Kong food blog, MR. & MRS. GILLIES, is simply but eloquently written. The wife-and-husband food blogging team's prose is crystal clear and rings a charming folksy tone.

        While a large number of HK food blogs concentrates on dishes in the menus of mid-priced to high-end restaurants, this blog pays attention to the less expensive eateries and their fares.

        The layout of MR. & MRS. GILLIES is well put together; it is unostentatious and eye-pleasingly elegant. The photos of the food the bloggers write about are artfully taken; they look as tasty as Mr. and Mrs. Gillies describe them to be. In case you want to rush out and try the food, the locations and contact information are helpfully provided in the blog.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends MR. & MRS. GILLIES.

        Who says good delicious food has to be pricey?

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Mr. & Mrs. Gillies