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Precious Jasmines   - by  Gemma Miras  

        The photos in this Hong Kong blog, PRECIOUS JASMINES, taken by the blogger, Gemma Miras, at a variety of locations, amidst some of HK's last remaining natural green spaces, and around the hustle-and-bustle city streets of its glass-and-concrete jungles are simply gorgeous. From looking at her photos, through Gemma's artistic eyes, Hong Kong can not be more beautiful or seductive.

        Writing in a pleasant, feminine voice, the blogger is an extraordinary photographer and a discerning artist. Go read the blog. Take a visual tour of Hong Kong by perusing this professional interior designer's photos; you will find Gemma is also a capable tour guide and a fine travel writer. If you are interested in visiting the spots where Gramma took her pictures, directions and maps are provided along with the photos in PRECIOUS JASMINES.

        One of Hong Kong Blogs Review's mission is to present our readers HK blogs that are outstanding. Gemma's blog artistically and elegantly fits the bill. This blog is one of the best HK photo blogs we have come across for some time.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends PRECIOUS JASMINES highly.

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