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Sketching  Hong  Kong

          This blog is by a young Hong Kong artist, Gary Yeung; his work has individuality. He belongs to a noted, new generation of artists emerging in our local art scene. He is talented and well-educated in his chosen profession. The writing and artwork in this blog, SKETCHING HONG KONG, show the artist's all-consuming passion for his art.

        Art, literature and various art forms, often mirrors the culture and era we live in. Gary Yeung's sketches, paintings, and other artwork displayed in this blog and his website are no exceptions. Like Hong Kong in its present post-colonial period, our present intertwines with our past, you can see bits and pieces of the East and West in his work. And the artist's brush strokes are unrestrained and untraditional, with both elements of the old and new Hong Kong blended into his painting style. Gary Yeung's work exemplifies the less self-conscious, bolder and freer spirit of a new era.

        Through Gary Yeung's artistic work, you can feel a new surge of creative energy bursting from this city's new crop of young artists. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends Gary Yeung's art blog, SKETCHING HONG KONG, and his website,, highly.

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