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Fai Mao's Sandbox

        FAI MAO'S SANDBOX has been in existence since 2004 and is one of the most overlooked HK blogs we have ever come across. This blog doesn't appear on the blogroll of any HK blogs we've read thus far, and we've read a fair number of them. But being overlooked or ignored by one's fellow bloggers doesn't mean this blog is not worthy of a reader's time. It could mean this blog is unique and does not march to the beat of the same drummer.

        The blogger of FAI MAO'S SANDBOX is a teacher from the US. He is outspoken and not particularly fond of our current Chinese rulers nor the past colonial government. He has a good-natured, playful attitude. He married a local woman and considered China his country (he stated so in one of his posts).

        If you're looking for a HK blog written by someone who has a different mind-set from the average everyday HK expat bloggers, the reviewers recommend you take a look at FAI MAO'S SANDBOX. The blogger is long-winded; he writes in a sort of American southerners' colloquial style. Through his blog, in a folksy way and leisure pace, he gives his readers a tour of his daily life in his adopted country. But don't expect Mark Twain.

        The reviewers say, lay back, read this blog, FAI MAO'S SANDBOX, and take in the Southern charm.

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