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Expat Lingo   - by Jennifer Brown 

From the "About" section of the blog:

        " Observations of a serial expat now in Hong Kong. Four international moves and I still enjoy gawking at (and sometimes still being the cause of) cultural collisions. Join me in my search for both the absurd and the inspirational sides of expat life. There are always hard days (months!), but it's a hell of a ride and I feel lucky to have had the chance.

        Me: American (Seattle/Salt Lake City). Civic-minded, but also cynical, (non-practicing) lawyer. Have had the good fortune to live abroad in Zhuhai, China; Groningen, Netherlands; Cambridge, UK; and Hong Kong. In my former life, working for a good-hearted NGO, I spent time in India, Rwanda, Angola, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, China and Mexico. Once also roamed around the usual places as a curious, backpacked youth.

        In a world overrun with the ordinary, this Hong Kong blog, EXPAT LINGO, is a rare find. The blogger, Jen Brown, packs a lot of zest, information, and cutting humor in her light prose. She observes, then perceptively comments on what she sees in her daily life. Stories in the news, the latest happenings in the region, are analyzed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Her prose is agile, spot-on, and often to-the-point.

        In EXPAT LINGO, the blogger, using her American lingo lightheartedly, chronicles her sojourn in what is now one of the most dynamic and exciting parts of the world. Some parts of the blog are playful; some are erudite. Unassumingly, throughout the blog, Jen Brown presents her readers a wealth of knowledge of the city, the country, and China's seemingly impenetrable culture with wit and uncommon insight. One of the most enjoyable features of this blog is its comics; it certainly would bring many readers a big smile if not a chuckle out loud.

        If you are interested in learning more about this neck of the woods, so to speak, or want to find out what it is like living in HK as an expat, EXPAT LINGO is definitely an excellent place to start exploring.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends EXPAT LINGO.

        Go read EXPAT LINGO, get informed, and share a good laugh or two with Jen Brown.

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