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Enjoy The Wait  

        The blogger, Sara Tomovic, for the Hong Kong blog, ENJOY THE WAIT, is a "world citizen".

In describing herself:

        " Bosnian by origin, Croatian by nationality. French at heart. Resident of Czech Republic. Home in New York city. Love affair with Africa. Currently living in Hong Kong. A writer, a photo taker, a traveler, a lover. A whistleblower for peace. "

        Despite the all-phrase paragraph she wrote above, the blogger is capable of writing in complete sentences -- well-crafted sentences at that.

        Sara writes sparingly; her prose is delectably lean and elegant. At times, her words evoke imageries that are airy and dream-like. This is a very personal blog by a talented writer who has lived and experienced life in many parts of this increasingly smaller and smaller planet. The emotions coming out of the blog's webpages are raw, intimate, honest, and unmistakably feminine.

        In this fast-food, quick-fix age we live in, this blog is too contemplative and introspective for the casual blog readers. But if you enjoy good writing or like to read a blog with at least a splash of literary flavor, take a look at ENJOY THE WAIT. From the blogger's extensive travels, this "world citizen" has a broad perspective; her horizon extends far and wide.

        In streamlined simplicity, the layout of ENJOY THE WAIT looks crisply fresh and is aesthetically eye-pleasing. Go read Sara's thoughtful and engaging stories on Hong Kong and the many other fascinating places she has traveled and lived. Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends ENJOY THE WAIT.

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