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Empress  Tea   - by  Bridget Steis

          If you like good writing, literature, and particularly verse possessing a feminine touch and sensitivity, you should take a look at this blog, EMPRESS TEA. This literary blog based in Hong Kong is a sort of modern-day ladies' literary guild. It is by a theatre designer, entrepreneur, as well as art & English language teacher from Canada.

          Each collaborator of EMPRESS TEA, except the blogger, Bridget Steis -- she functions as the host of the literary tea party -- writes from a different city outside of Hong Kong. Don't dismiss EMPRESS TEA as a chick-lit blog. Bridget Steis is a capable and diligent editor. She sets the bar high. Despite geographical separation and individual nuances, the writers of EMPRESS TEA have something in common that binds them together -- they all are talented and creative in their own right.

          Bridget Steis, founder of an Asian based design company, is avant-garde and artistic; she writes imaginatively. Her literary blog easily lives up to the discerning readers' expectations. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends EMPRESS TEA highly.

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