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With Pork Throat - by Ellen Woodall

          To some, this Hong Kong blog is an easy read. All the posts are written in simple, short sentences. However, though the sentences may be simple, by no means are all of them clear and easy for everyone to understand.

          The expat blogger, Ellen Woodall, is from Texas, a US state known for its bewildering regional slang and colorful usage of the English language. In the blog, Ellen Woodall offers little detail or background information on the topics she writes about. Apparently, she does not like spending time for explanation. To fully enjoy and appreciate her blog, the readers need to know some basic facts about Hong Kong and how the Americans speak colloquially in their native dialects.

          If you can pass the blogger's Texas lingo, this HK blog, WITH PORK THROAT, is an interesting read. Ellen Woodall is humorous, gregarious, entertaining, and enchantingly off-beat. She looks at life in this city with a deeper perspective than her language on the mere surface suggests.

          Without knowing the exact meaning of "with pork throat", Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends WITH PORK THROAT.

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